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Alimony is a legal agreement established by the court for one spouse to provide financial support to the other spouse after a separation or divorce. Alimony is also commonly referred to as spousal support or maintenance. Alimony is an integral aspect of the divorce proceedings. Even though there are no guarantees regarding alimony in Arkansas divorce cases, the Law Firm of Thomas Buchanan is able to competently translate its clients’ needs …

Child Custody

Working out a child custody arrangement is not easy for many parents. Due to the extremely emotional and sensitive nature of child custody issues, we devote a significant amount of time speaking with our clients. Maintaining an attorney client relationship of open communication and full disclosure helps us identify and address our clients’ concerns. We are dedicated to serving the best interests of our clients’ families throughout …

Child Support

Child support is the financial contribution parents make to support the upbringing and welfare of minor children. The terms for child support are based on Arkansas family law guidelines. Full disclosure of the family’s expenses and incomes of both parents is needed in order for the court to create a suitable child support payment arrangement. The Law Firm of Thomas Buchanan has a deep understanding of Arkansas family laws …

Child Visitation

Child visitation is an agreement regarding when and where the non-custodial parent can see his or her child. Trying to set up child visitation rights is an extremely difficult process. Being angry, frustrated, and stressed about child visitation rights and the court process is not unusual. We are passionate advocates for our clients. We understand how important it is for them to spend time with their kids and provide for their needs. We put forth a lot of time to ease …


Deciding to get a divorce is an extremely personal – and difficult – step to take. Filing for divorce can be a complicated legal process. Many divorces not only involve a change in marital status, but also entail matters of property division and alimony distribution, as well as child support and child custody issues. Hiring a knowledgeable Arkansas divorce lawyer is important to make sure your interests are protected. After speaking with our …

Family Law Overview

Our team of trusted legal professionals is able to effectively represent our clients in these different areas of family law. At the Law Firm of Thomas Buchanan we are passionate about what we do and work aggressively so that our clients’ financial and parental rights are protected. We treat all of our clients with compassion and respect; we are committed to achieving solutions that meet their unique needs …

Property Division

Marital property is any real estate, personal property, and debts acquired by the spouses during their marriage. The priority of the Arkansas court system is to divide marital property in an equitable manner during the divorce. The Law Firm of Thomas Buchanan is a strong advocate for its clients. The attorneys at the law firm use their years of litigation experience to make sure the financial welfare and interests of clients remain protected during …

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