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Child Support

Arkansas Child Support Cases

Child support is the financial contribution parents make to support the upbringing and welfare of minor children. The terms for child support are based on Arkansas family law guidelines. Full disclosure of the family’s expenses and incomes of both parents is needed in order for the court to create a suitable child support payment arrangement. The Law Firm of Thomas Buchanan has a deep understanding of Arkansas family laws and uses its knowledge to ensure that the appropriate amount of financial support is administered in their clients’ child support cases.

Arkansas Child Support Guidelines

Courts utilize a Family Support Chart to assess the amount of child support payments designated for a family, according to Arkansas Code §9-12-312. There is the presumption that the child support payments listed in the Family Support Chart will adequately cover a child’s expenses. Parents also have the option of creating their own child support payment arrangements.

Child Support Considerations

Court-based decisions regarding child support are structured in an equitable manner that is suitable for each family’s personal situation. Certain extenuating factors the courts take into account when deviating from the Family Support chart guidelines are:

  • Medical expenses for the child
  • Educational expenses
  • Joint custody arrangement between the parents
  • Child care or day care expenses

Modification of Child Support

As the children get older the amount of financial support needed to cover their expenses may change. The financial circumstances of the parents may change as well. The child support arrangement can be modified if there are significant changes in the lives of the children or parents that warrant it.

Dedicated Arkansas Child Support Attorneys

The attorneys at the Law Firm of Thomas Buchanan know that each family’s circumstances are different. We work closely with our clients to make sure all of the expenses associated with sustaining the welfare and maintenance of the child are accounted for and included in the court’s child support assessment. We know how to carry out the necessary court procedures to ensure our clients receive a child support payment arrangement that is fair and appropriate.

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